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Course Name Location Starts Duration
Prepare convincing sales pitches cairo 3/11/2019 5 days
Sales and Distribution Management Spain 3/11/2019 5 days
Contemporary Marketing Challenges Alexandria 10/11/2019 5 days
Customer Relationship Management kuala lumpur 10/11/2019 5 days
Marketing and preparation of marketing plans and sales promotion strategy Sharm El-Shikh 17/11/2019 5 days
Internal Marketing management of Governmental organization through public relations Dubai 17/11/2019 5 days
How to set smart marketing goals Istanbul 17/11/2019 5 days
Successful sales representatives Dammam 17/11/2019 5 days
Guerilla Marketing Istanbul 24/11/2019 5 days
Customer satisfaction, retention and measure them in systematic way Istanbul 24/11/2019 5 days